Year 2

Y2 pupil survey

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Hello Year 2. Please can you answer these 10 questions. Thank you.

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Horwich Parish showing their support for the Olympic Torch!

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Blackpool Tower

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Here is a picture of Blackpool Tower. Feel free to post any facts you can find about this building over the half term holidays!


What is happening in this picture?

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Below is a picture from a scene out of Little Red Riding Hood. Look at both characters and see if you can add the dialogue, (conversation) between Red Riding Hood and Mr Wolf. Look how scary Mr Wolf looks and how worried Little Red Riding Hood appears! Below the picture is an example to help with those writing blocks! Best of luck.



“What brings you into these dark woods?” snarled Mr Wolf.

“To take some cookies to Grandma.” replied Red Riding Hood.

Mr Wolf paused for a moment gazing straight at the much smaller Red Riding Hood. Suddenly, without warning he bellowed, “You must be a very brave girl to pass through here all by yourself!”

Red Riding Hood began to feel very afraid of the scary looking creature. All of a sudden, she heard footsteps. She quickly turned and to her relief, saw her friend, Mr Woodcutter walking straight towards her. Smiling, she turned back towards where Mr Wolf had been standing and to her surprise, the tall and ugly beast had vanished.


Victory at the Reebok!

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Congratulations to the KS1 football team who return from the Reebok Stadium as champions! We are all super proud of you!



Champions! 10th May 2012 on PhotoPeach


What happens next?

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Year 2

Below you will find the introduction of a Katie Morag story which I would like you to complete. We have been working very hard this week looking at using our adjectives and knowing when to use commas in lists so make sure you try to use them when possible!

Your story should begin with introducing the character who is knocking at the door. What does this person want? Will Katie brave the wet weather to help her visitor? It is up to you what happens next so lets get writing! Best of luck!

WILF: Full stops and capital letters/ Commas used in lists. 

Here it is…

It was early morning and Katie Morag was sat in her stone cottage feeling very bored because nobody had been to visit all week. The weather had been so poor, she had been unable to visit Grannie Island and she was starting to miss her. Katie Morag sat near the open fire as giant blobs of rain battered the small windows of her home. All of a sudden there was a loud knock at the front door…



Mr Banner’s first post!

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Hi there! I just wanted to post on our blog and check everything works ok! It has been a pleasure teaching Year 2 and wanted to congratulate both classes for all your hard work. More blogs to follow soon!


Daniel in Singapore

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Hello, I am in Singapore having a holiday with my Mum, Dad and Brother Sam. Its a very clean city with lots to do. I have been swimming in the sea, playing on some cool rides in Universal Studies and sat and had dinner by the River, we went for a ride on a bus that is also a boat and went all over the city and sailed down the river its called the Duck Tour. We go back to Macau today the flight takes 4 hours then we walk across the border to China to go back to my Mum and Dad’s appartment.


Pirate Songs

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Untitled from kathryn hall on Vimeo.


Shiver Me Timbers Song

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Untitled from vslawson on Vimeo.